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Book Reviews for Kylie's Special Treat

"Aimed at girls 4 to 8, this adorable allergy fairy tale features baking fairies and a prince who tastes sensational sugar cookies at his grand ball. He finally meets Kylie, their maker, and she explains that they taste extra special because they are made without milk, eggs or nuts. The prince is swept off his feet, and the pair head, naturally, toward happily ever after. Children will love Wendy Sefcik's illustrations."

– Allergic Living, Fall 2012 issue

"I think the story is perfect! I can see little girls enjoying it and their mothers having fun reading it to them as well. I loved the magic of the story, the hope it brings to little princesses dreaming about their prince charming while blending in food allergies.The story shows us all how a food allergy does not have to stop you from reaching for your dreams."

~Anne Munoz-Furlong, Founder and Former CEO, Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network

"Oh, how your book made me smile!  From a “librarian’s point of view” it definitely fills a void in our collections!  I was captivated by the fairy tale approach and feel certain it will ring true for children. 

The combination of story and food allergy information was most effective.  Of course it will resonate with the many children I know who have such special needs and it will serve to build a bridge of understanding as it celebrates unity and diversity of connections.  All children will identify with the themes to Hope, Believe and Dream of the fairy tale.  They will be encouraged as they deal with their own particular challenges in life what ever they may be… This is especially true in connection with your story because it is based on your daughter, Sofia! I will love sharing the dedication page with students!"
~Jane Anders, Library Media Specialist, Hilltop Elementary School, Glen Burnie, MD

"Kylie's Special Treat is a clever, imaginative story sure to captivate any young girl living with food allergies! Princess Kylie clearly shows us that she is not defined by her allergies and that she is able to live a full and happy life. A terrific lesson for the food allergic child. She emphasizes the value of knowledge, awareness and preparedness in dealing with her food allergies. Parents as well as their children will enjoy this joyful creation and benfit from the TLC tips!! "  

~Sharon B. Markovics, MD, Allergy & Asthma Specialist, Manhasset, New York 

"As a mother of a child with food allergies and a board certified nurse practitioner, I found Kylie’s Special Treat to be informative and comforting for children and parents facing this potentially life-threatening condition. The story and pictures were delightful."

 ~Karen Meyerson, MSN, RN, FNP-C, AE-C, Grand Rapids, MI

"Kylie's Special Treat is a special treat! As a school librarian I am so delighted that there is now an age appropriate book to support the needs of young children who have food allergies and to provide important and necessary information to those children who play and study with them in school.
Your use of the beloved Fairy Tale format is perfect to grab and hold the interest of young children. Thank you Sophia for wondering about princesses! Children familiar with fairy tales will love recognizing the charming elements. I especially appreciate how you weave the nonfiction into the tale allowing young readers to be educated and enthralled at the same time.
How wonderful that you were inspired to write this important children's book!"
~Lucy Cassidy-VanHoff, Library Media Specialist, Glen Head, New York

"I loved the book, it’s brilliant!  Simple easy to read, tells a nice story for an important message. This is a homerun!  As a Director of a Preschool for the past 18 years,  I have seen allergies increase at an unbelievable rate. I loved Kylie's Special Treat.  It teaches a very important message. As a mom of an 11 year old daughter that carries an epi-pen with her at all times it’s nice to know that there can be a happy ending for children with allergies."
~Karen Greene, Preschool Director, Glen Head, New York

"...Kylie's Special Treat is an adorable story of a gal named Kylie who has food allergies. What strikes me is that she grows up and gets the prince. Basically even a girl with food allergies can be a princess!! I just love the story and the tips woven in. Smartly written with beautifully illustrated this book is a must have for anyone who has a food allergy....

I love a story where the main character can achieve any dream they set their mind to. I also like that the author Letizia Barbetta added tips in the back as well as a recipe. As a Mom who has a kid with severe allergies, she is doing something that will make a difference in her child's life while touching others."

~Lisa Rupertus, As They Grow Up

"...This picture book is absolutely adorable and is a must-have for any child facing a food allergy. In addition, the author has included helpful tips, Kylie's Sugar Cookie recipe and resources at the back of the book that is sure to be appreciated by parents.

The illustrations by Wendy Sefcik are whimsical and a wonderful treat to the story!"

~Sandie Lee, Imagination-Cafe Blog

"This delightful book for children four to eight was inspired by the author's daughter whose multiple allergies compelled her to ask her mother if there was ever a princess with food allergies.

...It is a sweet fairy tale, but the heart of the story is the strength and poise with which Kylie handles her multiple food allergies. Kids and adults will appreciate the charming drawings and the way Kylie doesn't let her food allergies get her down."

~ Lisa Fabian, Taste For Life

This book is truly a delight.  First there is the message....having food allergies does not make you different in a negative way and it should not stop you from doing any of the things others are doing.  This is huge.  With so many children now with food allergies, it is incredibly important to teach all children that having a food allergy does not mean that one needs to be ostracized!  Kylie's Sweet Treat does an amazing job of "normalizing" food allergies.  Yes, Kylie may eat differently and carries medication but she is just like her friends with hopes, dreams and unique talents.  The food allergy is a part of her but it is not her!  Secondly, the story itself is just magical.  It is a unique spin on Cinderella which is sure to delight all children.  The message is clear for all readers, follow your dreams not matter what.  The accompanying illustrations are fun and colorful.
Kylie's Sweet Treat is a terrific way to help explain food allergies to children as well as an inspiring story about following your dreams.  This book really should be in every school library!
~Krsitin Jordan, Reviewed by Mom

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